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To register for a tour, please complete the form below and send it to Borderland Tours with a deposit of $300 per person. If you choose to register by phone or by e-mail, a deposit must be received within 14 days or your space will automatically be released. Payment in full is required 90 days prior to departure. 

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are made according to the following schedule: No refund will be made of the $300 deposit fee unless a trip is oversubscribed or is canceled by Borderland Tours. If cancellation by the participant is made 90 days or more before the departure date, all payments covering the balance of the trip are refunded. If cancellation is made fewer than 90 days before the departure date, we will refund separable tour costs which can be recovered from our suppliers and agents. Borderland Tours cannot refund inseparable costs such as those for rental transport, chartered watercraft or aircraft, hotel deposits, trip supplies, leaders' expenses, or other fixed costs. In most cases the refundable portion will be less than 50% of the tour price, and it may be less than 25% of the cost of the tour. 


Persons for whom medical cancellations are a possibility, or who have personal affairs that may force a cancellation within 90 days of departure, or on the tour itself, are strongly encouraged to purchase some form of trip cancellation and medical emergency insurance. An insurance form will be included in your trip acceptance packet. However, since pre-existing conditions are covered if you purchase your insurance within 14 days of your trip deposit, you may wish to call our office for an insurance form or purchase your insurance on-line from Travel Insured International through their web site ( 

Terms and Conditions

Our itineraries are planned at least one and often two or more years in advance. Occasionally tour dates and/or leaders must be changed. Participants will be notified of any necessary date or leader changes as far in advance as possible, and full restitution of all moneys will be made if the participant chooses to cancel up to 15 days after notification. Borderland Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure, and a full refund will constitute full settlement to the participant. The right is reserved to substitute hotels in a similar category, and to change tour itineraries when necessitated by changes in airline, train, boat, or other transportation service schedules, or when circumstances so dictate. Borderland Tours accepts no financial responsibility for additional expenses incurred by participants due to delays in carrier service, weather, strikes, war, illness, injury, or by other causes. Neither Borderland Tours nor its officers, agents, or suppliers is responsible for loss or theft of baggage, personal effects, cash, or monetary instruments. We reserve the right to decline to accept anyone as a member of a tour, or to retain any participant during a tour. Smoking is not permitted in vehicles, during group meals, or in confined spaces when other tour members are present.

For further information please write or phone:

Borderland Tours
2875 W. Hilltop Road
Portal, Arizona 85632
Phone: (520) 558-2351
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PDF Registration Form)

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Single rooms may be available in some locations at a supplemental charge equivalent to the difference between double and single occupancy. Please check your preference. You will be charged a single supplement if we are unable to place you with a roommate. If known, please write in the name of your roommate below in the "Double Occupancy" space.
Double Occupancy: ____   ______________________________________
Single Occupancy: ____
Enclosed is: $300 deposit (per person/per trip): _____ Payment in full: _____
A $300 non-refundable deposit per trip is required for each applicant. If you choose to register by phone or e-mail, a deposit must be received within 14 days or your space will automatically be released. If a trip is oversubscribed or canceled by Borderland Tours, all deposits will be returned. Payment in full is required 90 days prior to departure.