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Borderland Tours was founded in 1980 to provide well-organized tours to premier birding and natural history destinations. Dates are selected when each location is at its seasonal best. Mornings usually begin early to catch peak bird and wildlife activity. Our days are designed to allow ample time for identification, interpretation, education, and especially for your enjoyment. Small group sizes—typically 14 or fewer—enhance our opportunity to both see and appreciate the birds and wildlife, as well as to visit cultural sites. To keep guide-to-participant ratios low, two leaders accompany most groups.

Borderland Tours chooses accommodations for comfort, cleanliness, and charm. Our hotels, lodges, and restaurants are usually the best in any given location. In foreign countries the food is safe to eat and purified drinking water is always available.

Borderland Tours naturalist-leaders are experienced guides and teachers with a unique gift for interpreting the living landscape. They know their areas well, not just birds and local culture, but the nuts and bolts of moving our groups from place to place. They enjoy people and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Uppermost in their minds at all times is your welfare and your greater happiness.

The office staff at Borderland Tours is small and efficient.  We owe our reputation for perhaps the smoothest logistics and hassle-free tours in the industry to their attention to the smallest details and their concern for each and every participant.

Borderland Tours seems to attract some of the finest people in the world. Our groups are drawn from all professions, come in all age groups, and reflect every level of birding expertise. We take pride in our ability to accommodate all birders from the newest beginner to the most advanced. We are immeasurably proud that we have long had the highest percentage of repeat tour participants of any tour company in the United States.

If these sound like the sort of trips you enjoy, we invite you to join us in the field! 

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